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2018 #fuckbitchesgetbunnies

Tomorrow is going to mark 3 years since our Etsy shop first opened, which made us think about why we started making our toys. It was only because there was hardly anything available in Australia and we realised we can say we are the longest established supplier of locally made pet rabbit toys in the country 😝 so we're old

Since then we are so happy to see that there are so many more products available to our bunnies in Australia. I love seeing the great things everyone is coming up with and believe it only makes us better. We believe in supporting other local bunny businesses and get a little proud when we see products we supplied in one of the beautiful packs from Bunificent or monthly boxes from the Hoppy Hamper. We are particularly excited to see how our products look in the Binky Box, a subscription service starting this February. Recent events have made me realise that we should be more open about it because I am not very social and it may not come across that way. In comparison, it makes me absolutely sick that a company who claims to care about bunnies is spending time and money they could of spent on improving their products for bunnies on hindering smaller businesses.

So our 2018 resolutions are that we are going to remember we are just here to have fun with our bunnies. We don't care how we should be running our business. We will post social media if we want, when we want and of what we want. We will not be giving our products away in any contests or gimmicks and making more of an effort to make toy donations to the rescue rabbits at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary. We will be organising our wholesale offerings so they are more readily accessible and will be making more effort to encourage DIY toys and participate in open discussion. We are loving new Facebook group Bunny toys Projects & DIY.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. In celebration, we will be having a 24 hour sale. Hope to see you there!


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