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Every homemade baked bunny treat recipe ever

Cooking is not my forte and I barely manage to make myself edible food let alone transverse into baked goods so when it came to baking treats for the bunnies, I first looked at cookie recipes and tried to find bunny friendly substitutes for the ingredients, which led to finding that pretty much every baked bunny treat is made up of

base + binder + extras (optional)
Easy way to look at baked bunny treat recipes
Bunny Treat Baking Recipe Substitutions

where each part is made up of one or more of the corresponding ingredients shown in the image.

Following this basic concept, I find this is an easy way to make treats using available ingredients instead of trying to find and follow a recipe.


At the heart of baking is flour, which is not good for bunnies so we looked at alternatives.

Ground oats or whole grain flours are popular substitutes. When compared to typical all-purpose flour, they have less starch and more fibre. However, they still aren't healthy and their use should be kept to a minimum.

Hay dust refers to the dregs of hay at the end of a bag. Nutritionally good for bunnies but inconsistent in availability and consistency, which makes it difficult if you're making treats on a larger scale.

Ground pellets is another one often used so use a healthier pellet for a healthier treat. If you can find 100% oaten or other grass hay pellets, they are probably the healthiest pellet to use.


Now as we aren't using flour, we need a binder to replace the gluten.

To be continued...


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