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Bunny Toy FAQ: What string or rope is safe?

Rabbit safe cords we use in our toys:

  • Sisal

  • Seagrass

  • Paper

  • Raffia

All the cords listed can be found in a range of sizes.

When making toys for your bunnies you want to make sure you use natural untreated cord, avoiding anything with a chemical smell or oily/waxy residue.

You can use coloured paper but avoid coated paper, so do not use anything glossy or metallic.

Other materials, such as cotton and jute, are often used but carry the risk of intestinal blockages. Although some will argue that they have used many times with no negative consequences but we choose not to take the risk.

Ultimately what is safe enough to give your bunnies is your decision. If you are reading this, then you probably like to make informed decisions.

Update 18 May 2022: Addition of water hyacinth, banana leaf & corn husk cord to the list as previously we were not aware of their existence. Any cord that can be made from materials safe for bunnies remains safe to use to string toys together.


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