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DIY Bunny Logic Toys

We noticed that there had been increased interest in logic toys for rabbits and only recently realised that puzzle or logic toys were just what all the cool kids are calling what we have always known as treat toys. What comes to mind when someone says logic toys is plastic manufactured toys or wooden structures with movable blocks. However, both of these seem limited in ability to adjust to the skill level of a particular bunny.

We have found the secret to making a good treat toy is finding the perfect balance between making it challenging so they have to work for it but easy enough so they don't lose interest. Ideally, for maximum play time, any treats would be dispensed over time so that just before the bunny loses interest, they are rewarded with a treat, which sparks the bunny's interest in the toy again.

Bunnies will have different skill levels that would change as they learn over time. Therefore, homemade logic toys have the advantage that you can always remake toys you have made, making adjustments as necessary.

All you need to make your own treat toys is treats and somewhere on a toy to put them, which means you can also incorporate different materials as well as different styles of play. We recommend having lots of different sized treats handy, as it will make it easier to find places to put them. Then when you give the toy to your bunny, observe and adjust accordingly. The sky's the limit!

To finish, a few examples of where treats can be hidden on a few of our toys for ideas.

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