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New Arrivals

You can expect to see a few new products in our store in the near future. We will post toy ideas as we go for any toy makers at home looking for some inspiration.

New unfinished hardwood shapes and beads have just arrived. They are made from either birch or maple wood. Both are safe for bunnies.

We haven't been able to find the wooden beehive beads or snap beads in Australia so ordered too many and will have a few bulk lots of 100 available for purchase. 

New treat toy. Wooden log stuffed with timothy hay and herbs. Still deciding on what herbs to include but you can expect delicious dried raspberry to be included. We love that these are reusable for those lazy days when you don't want you've creative.

Mini palm leaf saucers. 100% natural product, made from pressed Areca palm leaf. Pretty Ricky is obsessed with these 😋


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