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Pet Rabbit DIY Fails

I'm the kind of person who will see something and think to myself "how hard could that be?" and sometimes it ends up being a lot harder than I thought. Here are a few past DIY fails; a precautionary tale for your amusement.

In the order pictured:

1. Tried to speed up drying wood in the oven and it all just ended up cracked

2. Tried to weave mat with seagrass and raffia 3. Tried to weave basket with dried carrot pieces woven in 4. Tried to weave shredder ribbon with raffia 5. Tried to make a seagrass ball which took 3 hours 6. Tried to weave wreath with seagrass, hazel bark & dried meadowsweet which took over 5 hours

Ideas are like women, its a numbers game 😉


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