Big bundle made up of lots of different natural favourites, including many larger pieces suitable for larger bunnies or enthusiastic smaller ones. Great way for newly adopted bunnies or those that haven’t taken to toys to try an assortment of materials to see which tickles their fancy.


This bundle comes in a natural grass tray that is approximately 23cm x 18cm x 8cm and can be used as a toy base or filled with hay and treats for foraging fun. The grass tray holds one of each of the following:

  • Small seagrass mat
  • Large grass bundle
  • Large vine heart
  • Large vine star
  • Large vine wreath
  • Large rattan ball
  • Water hyacinth ball
  • Loofah slice
  • Palm leaf cube
  • Vine rocket
  • Palm leaf flower
  • Small pine cone


Please see individual listings for more information about each of the included items.

Big Bundle of Naturals