Ingredients: Calendula, Plantain leaf, Hawthorn, Blue Mallow & Banana.


A blend of dried flowers and herbs specially formulated for rabbits, guinea pigs & chinchillas as a healthy treat alone or to add some excitement to their daily diet by sprinkling on top of their hay.


Each classy concoction not only looks visually appealing but smells sensational with floral notes that will make your bunny salivate. As these recipes have been handcrafted for pet rabbits, all ingredients are not only delicious and safe for your bunny to devour, but actually have many health benefits.


The botanicals featured are known for their soothing and diuretic effects. In addition, dehydrated ingredients are easier to stuff in toys and have a longer shelf life so are great for the busy bunny owner to have on hand.

Calendula Cobbler Hay Topper

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