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For those bunnies that destroy vine ball toys in minutes without even breaking a sweat, we have tried to design this chew toy to be a bit more resilient.

At its core is a corrugated cardboard cube with many layers to tear apart that you can wedge small treats into. We like to use oxbow pellets as they are the perfect size. The cardboard cube is sandwiched in between two pine wood blocks, making it a challenge to get to the treats in the cube.

To keep it interesting the toy is decorated with a variety of materials including bamboo shredders stuffed with crinkle paper, mini vine webs and hardwood stars This is all held together with strong sisal rope that is difficult to chew through and ensures the longevity of this toy.

The chunky chew is approximately 20cm (8") in length and 4cm (1 1/2") wide.


Note: the mini vine stars have been replaced with mini vine webs

Chunky Chew