Assorted coloured wooden paddle pop sticks with a hole approximately 5mm in diameter. These are an inexpensive and versatile part, great to have readily available for your next DIY pet toy project.

Colour Wooden Popsicle Sticks x 20

  • Bless Their Cottontails

    Made to Order
  • Sizes

    Mini: 66mm long x 10mm wide x 2mm thick x 5mm hole

    Standard: 110mm long x 10mm wide x 2mm thick x 5mm hole

We believe that enrichment plays a fundamental role in pet rabbit care. Our rabbit toys, treats and DIY supplies are available for purchase from our online store, online marketplaces and select resellers. We also continue to support rabbit rescue organisations and other small businesses in our endeavour to help bunnies lead happy and healthy by making products that are both safe and fun more readily accessible.

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