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    • Rosewood Small Pet Products to Avoid

      I received someone else's order and got to see some of the products from Rosewood only ever before seen in photos. Although I was pleasantly surprised that the products were larger than I envisioned, I am sad to report that my suspicions were confirmed. There was so much unnecessary glue all over the toys, which can cause intestinal blockages and potentially be fatal to rabbits. I wanted to write a bit more about the danger of glue but that will have to come later as I've seen so many stores recently start stocking these products and thought it important to warn about the danger of these toys in hopes of preventing these toys being bought and endangering more bunnies. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, just some products that I had a chance to inspect in person. Carrot Dream Catcher Loofa Hoola Corn Rattle Roller Loofa Toss 'n' Treat Roller

    • Bunny DIY: Can Rabbits Chew Wood Used for Smoking?

      When I looked into it, I found that although you can find organic wood most orchards use pesticides. I spoke to a few Australian suppliers and they said because the wood has to be cured for months or years and as the pesticides used in orchards have very short half-lives it should not pose any health issues but then one that originally said it should be fine came back to me and told me it wasn't suitable and wouldn't give a reason, which was a bit disconcerting. Just to cover yourself make sure you mention that you plan to use them for your pet rabbit to chew because, under Australian consumer law, goods must be reasonably fit for any purpose disclosed by the consumer. If you do end up using them, you don't want it to have been kiln-dried, which is often the case with large suppliers and imported wood. Using a kiln speeds up the drying process but leaves the wood flavourless. I'd also give them a clean if they haven't been cleaned before using them to remove any dust, etc. Bunnies will prefer fresh apple sticks but smoking wood chunks are a great heavy-duty chew. The big chunks will last longer, dried applewood is harder so great for their teeth and the familiar taste they love will incentivise more reluctant bunnies. They're great to make toys from too and are more readily available, giving your bunny the chance to try wood that they normally wouldn’t have access to. Common smoking woods that are safe for bunnies: apple, pear, hazelnut, grape, mulberry, pecan, mesquite, peach

    • DIY tip: keep your eyes open

      You never know when something will pop up and surprise you. We found some lavender and raspberry growing outside our apartment. We had some raspberries in our champagne and gave some to the the bunnies 😊 We are also going to dehydrate some lavender and raspberry leaf, which has the benefit of a long shelf life. We find that its hard to buy herbs that haven't been cut up into tiny pieces to be used in cooking or as tea so this is fun find. Happy Holidays! #DIY #Forage #Free #BunnyTips

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We believe that enrichment plays a fundamental role in pet rabbit care. Our rabbit toys, treats and DIY supplies are available for purchase from our online store, online marketplaces and select resellers. We also continue to support rabbit rescue organisations and other small businesses in our endeavour to help bunnies lead happy and healthy by making products that are both safe and fun more readily accessible.

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