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DIY Bunny Toy Ideas: Crinkle Cut Paper 10 Ways

We're not sure what it is about crinkle paper but we absolutely love it. There is something about those folds because straight paper shred does nothing for us.

We have put together a few ideas for using crinkle cut paper in pet rabbit toys.

1. DIY Crinkle Paper

In case you don't have any on hand, we thought it best to start off with a quick and easy DIY crinkle paper tutorial from a really pretty blog: Hijabisontherun [1]

2. Long strips of paper

3. Plug up holes

4. In Between Layers

5. Stuffing

6. To add quick and easy colour

7. Add colours that are difficult to dye

8. To give the impression of a fluffy or foamy texture

9. Portray a theme

10. Filler [2]

[1] DIY Crinkle Paper/ Gift Box (2018). DIY Crinkle Paper/ Gift Box Stuffing. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2018].

[2] Instagram. (2018). Maple & Ponzo 🐰❤🐰 on Instagram: “When you don't want anyone near your binky box 😈🌷😓 . #thebinkybox #littlemissbossypants #sharingiscaring. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Feb. 2018].


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