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This super safe critter chew made from 100% natural apple branches. Perfect for wearing down teeth and enrichment for small animals. The bark covered sticks are irrestistible chew treats for small pets.

Give the full bundle to your pet and let them have fun taking it apart. This toy provides endless hours of fun and lots of apple sticks to chew through. Apple sticks are nice and thin (6mm thick or less)


Each bundle is made up of approximately 140g of apple sticks 18cm in length and 6cm in diameter


Product Highlights:

  • Natural apple sticks are ideal for chewing
  • Made with enticing marigold, rose, and cornflower petals
  • Crafted with only safe and natural materials
  • Supports your pet's instinctual chewing and playing behaviors
  • Adds fun and enrichment to your pet's daily routine
  • Can be offered as a bundle or individual sticks 

Apple Sticks Chew

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