A woven mat made from natural seagrass. Your pet bunny will love this mat. An all time favourite for its many uses. For example you could use it as a simple chewable padded floor covering or tie the ends together for a DIY tunnel (see listing photos). You can keep changing how you use the mat to keep things interesting so next time you could attach some safe toy parts and transform it into a fun activity mat. Once its pretty chewed up, you can salvage it for toy parts so you end up getting a lot of use from the one item.

If you need some inspiration, we stock many natural pet toy parts in our store that would be great to use with the mat.

The mat is approximately 60cm x 35cm x 1cm

Large Braided Seagrass Mat


  • "Great item! Made it into a tunnel and they love it! Also good to nibble on :)"


    "Already chewed up into 4 pieces, Bugsy loves it :)"


    "My bunny loves to run through the tunnel and nibble on the edges, then he gets hypo and tries to flatten it lol but I just roll it up again and he keeps entertained :)"


    "Thank you so much! My bun absolutely luvs it & i laugh watching her play in it!"