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Green and fragrant timothy hay is infused a healthy herbal blend, the Red Clover Club. This is then stuffed in one of our large vine balls, approximately 8cm (3") in diameter with an apple chew stick for more foraging fun.


Our carefully curated herbal blends have many health benefits, such as:

  • Calendula stimulates their immune system promoting healing, healthy skin & digestion
  • Raspberry leaf helps with diarrhoea & digestion
  • Plantain is excellent for the support of digestive function


Being beneficial to both mental and physical health make these a great treat for any bunny but particularly for those who have been feeling under the weather, this could be the 'pick me up' they need.


Loved by Rabbits as well as Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and other small animals


Note: Hay is prohibited from being posted to Western Australia but we are happy to send without hay and the herbs will be in a satchel. If you would like it posted without hay, please leave a note when making your purchase.

Botanical Bunny Ball

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